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Process valves are used in procedures involving chemical or mechanical steps to aid in the manufacture of a wide range of items. Some common process valve types include ball valves, poppet valves, gate valves, diverter valves, butterfly valves, and sanitary valves. There are a variety of materials used to produce process valves, depending on what their specific task will be. Read More…

Process Valves Process valves include any type of mechanical device that can stop, start, or regulate the flow of liquid, gas, solid material, or steam. These valves are attached to one or more ports or passageways through which a substance flows.

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Burkert Fluid Control Systems is a global process supplier of high-quality customized fluid control systems and products, including diaphragm valves. Some of our products include dual weir, zero static tee valves and more. For additional information, please visit our website. Burkert is one of the world's top companies for measurement, control and regulation technology.

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We make a wide range of products that are engineered solutions for you! Our diaphragm valves are number one in the industry when it comes to quality and production time. Our objective is to make sure that you have a versatile product to get the job done. All of our products are guaranteed high quality! For more information on how we can better help you today, give us a call or visit our website!

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Founded in 1981, Frain Industries has grown over the years into the world's largest provider of high quality pre-owned packaging and processing machinery. Our equipment spans hundreds of categories and brands, including diaphragm valves, cappers, cartoners, cup fillers, and labelers. We don’t sell machinery “as is.” We verify that it will work for you and customize it to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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GF Piping Systems is an experienced manufacturer who has been providing the valve industry with highly-efficient products since 1802. We manufacture a wide variety of ball valves, including 3 way ball valves, plastic ball valves and actuated valves. Call us for innovative solutions for all of your valve needs.

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Since 1950, Century Instrument has been selling diaphragm valves as well as actuators. Our control parts and products allow for highly accurate control of temperature, pressure, or flow when handling of steam, water, air, oil, gas or other fluids. Our customers are our most important asset and as such our philosophy is to put the customer first and foremost in all considerations.

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Matching the material with the task is important, because incompatible materials can contaminate the source if the valve is damaged as a result. Possible process valve materials include copper, steel, stainless steel, brass, PVC and cast iron. Industries which use process valves can include mining, pulp and paper, chemical, waste treatment, food and beverage production, powder and bulk processing, and many others.

Process valves that are automatic will typically be controlled by some version of computer, pneumatic, or hydraulic device how most types will be controlled by some form of pneumatic actuator. Based upon the needs of the application many process can be customized for a number of specifications. Typically this type of product will use two types of configurations.

These configurations include weir (saddled) or straight (seated). The weir or saddle diaphragm valve is the most common valve for many processing applications however the seat type is ideal for slurry applications to reduce blocking problems.

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